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Too many places in Chicago

I have come to the conclusion a week is not enough to really see the city. There is so much to it. Today I wandered downtown around the riverfront area. So beautiful and the architecture was wondrous. Food and drink places dot the riverfront on both sides so of course I stopped for beer(s). Seeing Chicago all open for business and tourists visiting really was good. Many signs wanting help. I think just about every place I went today there were signs that hiring was open. Someone perhaps in Denver told me,

now it is not covid causing problems. Now we need to hire people

One restaurant I went for breakfast this morning closes Wednesdays because of hiring shortages. They have really good breakfasts too but even with the high level of dedication of the staff and how they treat the customers, it is not enough. Anyways, enough of that. You came for some more Chicago and who am I to not give it.

As the end in my Amtrak journeys going east, I cannot think of a more fitting place to find food, beer, friendly people, and wondrous sights and sounds. I don't know that I will ever come back to any of the places I visited on the eastward trek on the California Zephyr but to end up in Chicago has been wondrous so far.

Today seeing the downtown area with the beautiful buildings, the riverfront social scene and the beautiful old bridges that dot the landscape and take everyone over the river is really unique.

With all that said, I looked at the map today and its just like when I stayed in Taipei for a month. That was not enough either to do justice to a city as majestic and diverse as it was. When I lived in Hanoi, I told my friend C it was impossible to see all of Hanoi and I would have to stay forever. The next week she invited me to a bookstore little known to expats or tourists. C knows the little places and she would always invite me to these wondrous coffee houses she found doing foot tours of Hanoi. I alway was in awe of her knowledge of the city.

I feel that way here. I have just days left and Chicago is huge. It would take a lifetime to see it all. So I leave you with a scene resplendent yet basic of this city.

Maybe there is a basic thing to seeing the American flag flying that we all can feel. Whether we are for or against with or not. I found the scene touching. I may not be the perfect American citizen and I leave and wonder if I ever come back, but there is a thing to seeing the flag flying that touches me deeply. I'm just an old guy. I found a way to live that takes me to where I want to go and be. Thanks for letting me share my moments here.

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