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Moving to Thursday in Chicago

I've spent a few days now going on the Redline subway to various beautiful and interesting places here. Both trips have been to downtown and I live in uptown at my airbnb. The Redline is very easy to ride and they offer some nice initiatives for tourists like unlimited packages on all CTA systems. Pretty easy to get an unlimited pass at a machine with some cash based on your need. I had a CTA person help me get the package I wanted.

I've had a lot of fun riding the subway to various places and Chicago is just so big with so much to see that I've realized I never will do it all or even a minor part of it all.

Today walking back to the subway line, I was struck by this building. There is so much street art all around Chicago that I kinda stopped noticing but this one grabbed me. It had started raining lightly when I left the bistro where I had dinner. I spotted a discrepancy on the check which meant they did not charge me for the beers I had so I let them know the amount was wrong. The manager came over and thanked me and gave me a discount that I made up on the tip for them. My feeling is that restaurants and coffee shops, pubs and bars are not doing real well with labor shortages and they are "hungry" for having more tourism and locals to come out to eat.

Today I had not really decided what to see when I caught the subway but when I reached the complex with the Aquarium and saw the museum I had kind of decided. I love museums so this was a no brainer. What I did not know was just how complex and wonderful the museum was and that I would never really see it all in a day. I stopped and talked with an employee when I was leaving and she agreed. They encourage visitors to come back the next day and they are just so happy to be open and seeing visitors!

The beauty of Chicago always seems to astound like when I left and decided to walk for food and beer at the bistro.

The parks all inter-twine and wonderful bridges and tunnels let people walk to nearby hotels and streets. Tonight the rain just had started when I finished with the beers and the walk back to the subway was about 10 minutes. The skyline of the city always astounds me and it is so much fun to capture it with the ultra wide camera on my iPhone.

On to tomorrow

So now the evening is done and I'm happy and my feet are tired. I've done some good walking and I have to say Chicago is excellent for walking. Sidewalks, bridges, easy access to buildings and parks. So nice! I also know my time is limited here and on Sunday I will get on the Amtrak for New Mexico. There are some things I want to do here.

  1. Ride the loop. The loop is a circular route around the city I can ride and get off on different stops. I love this kind of thing so I will do it perhaps Friday.
  2. The park and zoo. I had looked at going to both today but decided instead on a longer ride to the Millenium Park not knowing the wonders of the museum. So I think one day will take time for the park and zoo.

With three days left, that's some things to do. I don't believe I have even scratched the surface of what Chicago offers and I felt that way in Denver too. Just about everywhere I've gone I've found walking the cities yields such wonderful positives but I also know I cannot expect to just see it all. And you know what? It don't matter. In Hanoi, I had C to show me the places. I would ask her

take me some place unusual or unique C

And she would laugh and show me some coffee house or market or store I would never find. Now I find those things as I can.

Bring it on tomorrow Chicago. I'll see more of the uptown. I don't like scheduling, but I'd like to go one day after tomorrow and ride the loop and decide on the zoo and park then.

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