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Wednesday Morning and now Blue Skies

We had some bit of rain last night. After I had the wonderful Mexican food, I walked to a liquor store just a block down from the airbnb and got soaked. I had been thinking of washing my jeans but I think this qualifies :-). Now it is beautiful in the uptown so it is probably beautiful where I want to go today. Since I have the unlimited 7 day transit card, today I think I will zoom to the zoo and park here. I will most likely have to transfer to the brown line transit unless I just walk to the park and see the city more. Transit is pretty easy to figure out here. Having mass transit makes city exploration so damn easy! When I stayed in Bangkok, I would sometimes just board some light rail and ride in some direction and then go off exploring. Kuala Lumpur was really good for this. I remember riding the monorail down stops and then walking the city, finding some food, ending up at Petaling to do some shopping. I also rode the transit including buses and used Grab a lot to get around. Since most people in Malaysia speak English, it was easy! In Vietnam, younger people would stop to talk to me and offer coffee or a bowl of noodles and older people would rely on google translate but it was always the same about Americans. They just love Americans.

Anyways, now it is Wednesday morning with blue skies. I will venture out for some food later and enjoy instant coffee and relax in the room and the wonderful wifi provided. I look at the map for things and it is overwhelming really. So I just pick a thing for the day and go try to do that thing. Chicago is open now so finding parks and restaurants, bars and coffee shops is easy. I figure I am 50% done here and will be riding Amtrak out of Chicago on Sunday to New Mexico for over a week. I will do a few side trips in NM like to Santa Fe and Las Vegas. Both have train service that runs back and forth. For Santa Fe, they have the Rail Runner Metro. The train runs hourly back and forth or so. To get to Las Vegas NM, Amtrak provides a 3 hour train service there and back and every day so I just use my rail pass last segments or so to do that.

Since I now will not go to Texas because of virus foolishness with their governor and the lack of mask mandates, I will spend time in NM which I think is much safer. Perhaps the only way to really speak with people like the governors in Florida and Texas is money. If big companies would cancel events or withhold funding for events, perhaps they would see that stopping mask mandates for the most vulnerable is stupidity. I don't know though. I think stupidity seems to have a free run in both states. So I am glad to not be going back. I love both Austin and San Antonio Texas and would have gone to Austin and visited my friend N and her husband. Instead now I just stay in NM until the 9th and fly for one night to Austin and then leave the US.

So another cup of coffee perhaps on a sunny Wednesday morning. The editor dares me to write more. It is 9am. Chicago seems quiet in the mornings. I noted before that Hanoi is chaos in the mornings except for now when lockdowns have taken away the wonders of life there. My friend P says staying locked down is so different in Hanoi given they live by a local market and people wander all the alleys and streets selling goods all times of day. You can basically get just about anything delivered in Vietnam. Water, beer, food, clothing. Just have to know how to do it. It helps having someone like V that is Vietnamese that would help me :-)

So you see the editor dared me and I just wrote more detritus on the walls of this cave. One day I will write up the story of RWR and I finding this rock art site in the canyons in the western Mojave. Very inspiring to find. It was nothing superlative but the act and art of finding things in the desert and butte country north of Mojave California is fun.

Bye for now! Have yourself good times. Another coffee? Sure! Thanks.

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