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End of the day - Beers and the redline

I had this wonderful and somewhat drunk day today around Chicago. I decided I wanted to walk some of The Loop because soon I will be leaving Chicago. I have a plan for tomorrow believe it or not. I want to visit the zoo and park tomorrow after some morning time doing absolutely nothing. I managed to just sit outdoors with the beer and food. My first place was a brewhouse where they insisted on me having more of their Golden Ale. This stuff is good. After sitting there with the Golden Ale percolating all around, I knew I was not done I wanted to reach the Broken English Taco Pub and partake of some tacos, chips and salsa, and more beer. So I carefully plotted my way but as usual, I looked up and there I was. They were kind enough to seat me outside and I ordered up the food right quickly. Chips and salsa, carne asada tacos and Modelo Beers. I reached the cosmic zenith with the beers and the sun struck down and the Chicago day seemed so beautiful. Time slowed down but I never believe time anyways. Moments seemed long and the wait staff at both places made sure I was happy. That meant I had sufficient beer in the glass.

I reached the end of the Carne Asada tacos and chips and my Modelo beer. I paid the bill and kinda stumbled to the redline. Back to Argyle which takes about 30 minutes on the subway. People come and go. Life comes and goes. I just sit with the waning of the beer buzz and the realization it is my last few days in Chicago. So what have I learned and found.

  1. Chicago is a party town and a food town. If there is nothing else a Chicago pizza must be had but in reality there is just the spirit of the place. Things are open now, people respect it and wear masks, restaurants are so happy to have us back. Bars welcome everyone to a drink or three. Seating outside from San Francisco to Chicago has been so wonderful One of the most delightful things is sitting outside with a cold beer or three and watching the sun go down and the denizens exit. Soon voices pile over voices. Life has caught up.
  2. Use the mass transit Luke. It is just the best. Why even bother driving when you can board the CTA and just go. I really enjoyed the 7 day pass I got for $20. I got unlimited rides across the system and I've taken advantage of it all.
  3. Go out and party and eat and rink and just be. Chicago restaurants and pubs and cafes need each person to respectfully enter. Wear the masks, get the vaccination. Don't be stupid. I guess in the end it is more easy to be stupid and some people in some states will opt for stupidity and ignorance. To me, if you want to party, show your vaccination record. Want gas in the car. Show the card. Want booze? Show the card. It's time to party folks but the vaccination can become the thing that leverages us to a new normal.So party down. I will. Thanks Pfizer.

Okay so I am stuck between drunk and sober. I think I have a beer in th fridge in the airbnb. I should just drink that beer because life is all about just finding the moments of time, enjoying them. Maybe [@maique]( will buy me a beer :-)

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