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Amtrak Days

About 7am on Sunday. Today I leave for Albuquerque in another set of hours. The train trip will take a day give or take. I will leave at 250pm and arrive at about the same time Monday. This time I will be taking the Southwest Chief.

I have not done this route all the way back to California but that was the original plan. I will do a side trip Wednesday up to the historic town of Las Vegas New Mexico and stay in a historic hotel for two nights and just see the city and then come back to Albuquerque. I've not really been in NM for some time. My ex wife and I lived in Portales while I want to graduate school there. She worked over in Amarillo Texas and we would commute back and forth quite often. We lived in Amarillo for over a year if memory serves.

So this route kinda sorta takes me back. We did visit Albuquerque often and wandered around the state quite a bit. Never made it to Las Vegas if my imperfect memory serves.

I end up staying in New Mexico over a week as it turns out. Then on the 9th I fly to Austin for one night and then leave the US on the 10th for Puerto Vallarta Mexico. I don't have any plans after that. As a US citizen and passport holder I get 6 months with no visa in Mexico so I will do something and go somewhere. I don't know where. I also don't know when I will get back to Asia. That's okay too. I have so many countries just looking at the map I can explore through 2022 and I think I may have to come back for a brief visit to the US around March of 2022 to get the booster Pfizer vaccine. I cannot see ever staying here again for a month or months.

This morning is breakfast down the street and then leaving at 11am in an uber for the union station and a little bit of a wait in the Amtrak lounge. A benefit of having the sleeper car for my trip. They offer food and drinks in the lounge and wifi, electrical plugins, and comfort.

Then it is the rails. Those wonderful hypnotic rails that let me settle into the just going thing. Tomorrow will be at an Airbnb in NM for a week. Time to explore and eat and walk there. Now it is morning instant coffee in the room. Chicago stirs out the window. Sun is just gonna show itself. Blue skies and cooler breezes but it will warm up up to 90s here. Wonderful weather for being outdoors.

More to come of my last real train voyage across a few states in the comfort of a sleeper.

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