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Last Trip on Amtrak

Today I ended the Amtrak travels with getting to Albuquerque right on time at 330pm. It was a wonderful and rewarding and fun voyage riding east on the California Zephyr and then west and south on Southwest Chief. Now I have about a week here in Albuquerque at a nice Airbnb so I will go on some day trips to Santa Fe and also see the city. In about a week I fly to Austin but not to see my friends there sadly. Then on 10 September I leave the United States. The truth is I hope to not come back because for the longest time this has not been my home or a place I prefer to live. If I could, I would just go back to Southeast Asia and find a place like Cambodia or Vietnam or Laos and stay. I prefer that chaos over all the stuff here. I picked Mexico first because of the extremely flexible visa laws to get in. Namely, a US passport holder can get 6 months of stay with no questions. I have an Airbnb already booked in Puerto Vallarta for some months and I have a vague idea I will head south and take in a few places and then hopefully meet my good friends P and R in Panama at some point next year. Both of them are retiring from various jobs. P is a hobo and vagabond himself and cannot see staying put in a place. We know we will meet for coffee somewhere in some place and continue our discussions on just moving in no particular direction with no goals. I met this wonderful school teacher on my Amtrak trip from Denver to Omaha. She told me she was done with directions and focus and destinations herself and was tired of timelines and milestones and asks and gives and Zoom calls. A kindred spirit and I think there are a lot of them out there that want less. She let me know she will soon go too. Where she does not know.

That’s part of the whole no plan plan thing. Why have a plan or a direction or a focus? Like Teri said,

I did that for years and years. Now I’m tired of direction and focus


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