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Albuquerque On Board

Yesterday ended the east and west meandering on the Amtrak with the on time arrival in Albuquerque. From Chicago the trip takes about 23 hours and getting a sleeper car was the best thing I've done in a while. Now I'm in my airbnb outside of the city center and I'll spend some days just wandering these neighborhoods. I need to do some basic shopping so will head to the store today to get fruit and a few other goodies.

Albuquerque is warm and beautiful this time of year. I've really enjoyed being outdoors with hotter temperatures and humidity does not bother me at all. Walking when it is warm here be a delight. Being outdoors in New Mexico now reminds me of the days in Portales NM and all the places we visited here so many years ago when it was summer and school was out. My ex-wife and I would hit the camping trail back then and spend wonderful times camping and cheap hoteling all over the state.

Even with all those years spent here going to Graduate school, there is no one left I know here. When I was riding the Uber to the airbnb the driver and I talked a lot about coming back again and I think he's right. It is like visiting for the first time.

On a slight variation, I read this blog post about why we share what what we do online. It is like there has to be a reason for all we do. Why we post a photo or write a post or share a meal or tell a story. There is no reason to blog besides one actually loving the act and art of doing it, perhaps finding a community of people that love and like doing it, and then finding common ground with those you find. It naturally extends to a wider boundary and then wider. Pictures of food and places and things. There is no reason for me. I just do it because I love doing it. If you look for a reason in everything, pretty soon the smile of a child or the walking with the left turn instead of right starts needing a reason. Why there is this insistence on finding out the "why" of things puzzles me. Perhaps you don't like that life is rather random in nature or perhaps you believe it is all predestined and your path defined by a series of plans or schedules or reasons. That really does not matter either. I think we know this in our heart of hearts. There is no reason and yet we do the things. So why ask why? There is no reason even for that so the best thing is find the things you love or like to do and do them. Stop asking why about everything. Perhaps instead ask why not.

And there is the nature of blogging and sharing. I started writing about Albuquerque and ended writing on a blog I happened to read. See? Just don't ask why. Because I truly do not know. I never have. I do know we seem to need things in some kind of order that let us apply the why questions and find the answers. I would ask why we ask why?

Take care and welcome to this ordinal blog. It ain't what it sets out to be. Like anything is.

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