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Fun to Change Travels

Changing things is fun! I decided to redo my travel back since I cannot see my friend N in Austin Texas because of covid issues. Instead I’ll ride the Southwest Chief from Albuquerque to Flagstaff and stop for a night and then ride back to Los Angeles the following day. This makes me much happier because I really wanted to complete the Amtrak voyages on both routes.

Sometimes though you have to go have a donut. By an old bus with some character that actually will seat people at the donut shoppe.

The weather in Albuquerque is warm to the 90s. Love it! I already had a great walk just around the Airbnb location and bought some fruit and food I wanted. Tonight I’ll visit this brewpub down the street and check them out.

I’m also going this weekend to Las Vegas NM just to go. I don’t think we ever went there when we lived here so long ago. Perhaps we did. I dunno.

What this means is out of 10 segments on the RailPass, I used up 8 of them. I feel pretty good about that! If I were riding the amtrak to Portugal, I’d buy @maique a beverage! But alas, the train does not go there :-)

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