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A few days in Albuquerque

Today was a really nice day out walking Old Town. I really love the look and feel of that part of the city.

I also scored two really nice tourist T shirts which advertise New Mexico. Really soft and comfy! Then walking around I got to see the small shops that are so intriguing. Some have groups of stores to walk through.

Its really a fun place to walk around and look or buy stuff. Food is good too!

Chiles hanging out on many storefronts. So cool!

Down at the end of one of the streets was a small tourism and information office to enquire about places and things.

They also want to make sure you don't drive too fast through Old Town :-)

and then on to the next days

So I got done with the food and seeing the Old Town and got an Uber back. We talked about food all the way back. Mexican food here is just such a treat.

Tomorrow I need to go to a UPS store and get something I printed online so I probably will not go downtown or if I go it will be later. I am kinda feeling like a visit to the donut shoppe again and then walking to the UPS store which is about 1.5 miles to go and then back. I may be forced to visiting the brewpub again tomorrow night for some more of their food and beer.

Friday I decided I would take a day trip to Santa Fe and back. Then Saturday I ride the amtrak up to Las Vegas and come back on Sunday. Times will be finishing up on Monday here for me. The US is also finishing up with me or I am finishing up with it and with the changes in my travel back, I still leave on 10 September.

If you happen to read this because I posted on Facebook I would not be there awhile, I've decided to take a longer hiatus from the site. I'm tired of everything there but I don't feel like disabling my account or deleting it. It will be hard to reach me on Facebook or messenger because I deleted them both on my iPhone. The only place I am talking and texting is on WhatsApp. I don't know that I will ever go back. I think I've reached the point where posting the photographs and stories on my blog is so much better and easier. All I ever did was share photographs and little stories. You can find that here.

So that's a wrap on the days to come. More fun. More walking. Some stories and photographs to come. Take care all.

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