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No plan plans

Today is a visit to Old Town here in Albuquerque. I have not been in years so will catch a Uber there later today. Tomorrow I figure to go downtown and then Friday maybe take a day trip to Santa Fe on another train called the RoadRunner. It is all about trains! I booked a weekend getaway to Las Vegas New Mexico for this weekend. I don’t recall ever going there when we lived here but we may have.

This morning just enjoying the Keurig coffee maker in the room. This Airbnb has just about everything I could want or need in my room. A microwave, small fridge, Keurig coffee maker. I don’t believe I have ever had a place so well appointed and with so many nice touches to enjoy times here. The bed is so nice. Really made for sleeping!

Next Monday is a final day to do some laundry and then prepare to leave by checkout time for the Amtrak station downtown on Tuesday. From here to Flagstaff is about 5 hours. I had thought of just booking the travel all the way through but that is not what I did when I left and I wanted to just spend time in a more leisurely pursuit going west. From Flagstaff to Los Angeles it takes 11 hours and I will get in about 8am. I then catch a bus to LAX and fly to Austin the day before I leave the US.

All of this I just changed on the spur of the moment so to say. The no plan plan thrives I guess :-). One thing if you do any train travel now on Amtrak is that the dining car is only open to sleeper cars. There is a snack car if you need but I just buy food and water before I go. Last time I think in SLC I bought Uber food and bought water as well. Just so you know if you are thinking in the near term about going on some train voyages here in the US.

Time to exercise that Keurig!

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