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Santa Fe Day Trip

Today is Santa Fe. There’s a train that runs from Albuquerque downtown to the Santa Fe depot so come about 930am here will make it to the depot and ride on up. It takes about two hours or maybe less to do the ride. I’ve never done that particular train journey. When we lived here before it was driving most places and faintly remember doing the drive from here to Santa Fe.

I get about 7 hours or so in the city so will do 7 hours worth of wandeirng around, eating, taking some photos of whatever it is I take photos of. Then I catch the evening train back and do the Uber thing back to the Airbnb.

Now its fun watching morning news which is something I have not done in years. I always enjoyed local news channels because of the local first take on things. Weather, stuff to do, places to go all take the spotlight on local TV. I’m not a big TV watcher and I don’t subsribe to Netflix or Apple TV+ or Hulu. I do like Youtube Premium since the things I like to watch are all on there and without ads or commercials it is very nice for me.

winding down

Seems like a week is a good amount of time to spend in a place. I did the same riding the high speed rail in Taiwan in 2019 for a month. I just picked 4 stations which looked interesting and got hotel rooms in each one. Here it has been shorter stays when I headed east from Emeryville. Going back west has been different for me.

But the time is winding down for me. I have a week before I leave the US. Last night over beers I got to talk with my friend P and his Vietnamese wife in Hanoi for awhile. That was very nice but there is always the sad part of each call when it dawns on us that we won’t be seeing each other for awhile. I also chatted with L in southern Vietnam. Perhaps the beer was talking. Sure was nice though talking or chatting with them.

Now gonna focus on the coffee and the morning news. Good morning, evening, afternoon. Wherever your timezone finds you.

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