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breakfast times in Las Vegas New Mexico

This morning I had decided to start early just wandering around the city. Then I went to breakfast and met a delightful person that shared a table with me. He spent 40 years driving a truck all around the western United States but lives in Taos. So after our eggs and potatoes and red chili and coffee we stayed. We talked about our lives. I was unsure how long we spent and no one rushed us.

Finally he had to leave to visit friends around Tucumcari. I bought the breakfasts and felt I got the best part of that deal. I’ve made human connections quite by accident which have yielded the precious metals of stories and spending moments on how our paths just happened to cross.

Here’s a little of downtown. There’s always more to see. A block not turned down. More to hear. A conversation not had. But moments and memories seal all around what we have and yield that gold that keeps us remembering.

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