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Last weekend in New Mexico

Been a really good time here. As of today I have a little over two days left. I’m sitting in the motel in Las Vegas having some room coffee and watching local news. I came up just to come. No expectations or desires. It was a train ride and a place. My train back leaves at noon and will be the same route going opposite.

This is really my last longer stay place. The rest of the US thing happens with overnight hotel or train trips. I spent longer stays in Chicago and Albuquerque which worked out really well. One of the best day trips had to be the other day to Santa Fe. Now though I have tomorrow to go.

I think I’ve done what I set out to do from coming back in July and getting vaccinated in California to the month spent traveling east on the California Zephyr with the stops. Then longer here and the movement back west again. This week coming up is a combination of travel. The Southwest Chief to Flagstaff first and on to Los Angeles Union station and finally a bus to LAX. Then a flight to Austin on the 9th and finally leaving the US.

So the last weekend also in the US. It’s been a good stay. Would I have just stayed in Vietnam? I miss it but I think somewhere I needed the wandering things again. I missed the effortless country hopping there a lot. I picked a new direction to simply wander. And that also seems good. I would like to meet my friends P and R in Panama next year. If not the direction is not ever set or the pace.

Last weekend in this land of enchantment. Wonderful times to just go. Breakfast is starting to sound good. Taking a walk on a beautiful clear New Mexico morning sounds reasonable.

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