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A day in Flagstaff Arizona

Today is an in between day. I have until 8pm here but have to check out of hotel at 11. I figure to head back to Amtrak and check my big bag and wander around. Tonight I have a sleeper for the longer trip. With a day I figure to write this day long post of little things found and perhaps some missed. Now it is coffee and some moments in the galaxy diner. Soon check out from the barely slept in bed.

Many of the people that read my posts on Facebook are going to the blog instead. I think that’s a good thing. The blog is more available, accessible, and easy to post on. Deactivating the account is the first step. At least for me. Honestly though, I have gone back and forth on the steps with Facebook but the truth is that Micro.Blog and the community replace the somewhat community on Facebook in many ways for me. I've thought a lot on the blogging after reading a few users talk about leaving or staying. For me, being with this community is having a blog to publish to, have something others can find and explore as they wish, and find whatever commentary and detritus I push out there. It comes down to reasons for me to just have a single point of presence on the web:

  1. A place to call home. A home has many rooms and different people find a different thing in each. Some folks like the wonderful warm living room and others the comfort of the patio or security of their personal room. The main thing is reaching it all without issuing super secret passwords or having to have some app installed to reach it in a more than basic style. The blog provides this comfort, warmth, and security but it also lets me own my stuff and edit posts with pictures and text as I want.
  2. One place for many things. This has become even more important as I've gone from different providers. Each one had a good and bad thing or things so I won't wander those paths that may or may not lead to the place. The central place should allow one to post the mix of blog posts, pictures, commentary, and also feel there is a richness and vibrancy to the act of doing it.
  3. Clients and editors that make sense. I'm writing this post in IAwriter on my MacBook. I could leave and pick this up on my iPhone later in the day. This creates the "make sense" part of things. I want to write posts that level up the experience so if I go to a coffee shop or a pub or a nice breakfast place, I'd like to be able to write on the same thing. I think that this is a basic use case but yet many blogging services cannot seem to provide this. So, in the end, they don't make sense.
  4. I've felt for awhile for me there is no end game to blogging. There is nothing I am striving for. I don't want more readers on RSS or visiting the blog as a reason to write. I write only to create the posts and feel some cathartic release at the act of doing it.Maybe one time I tried to get readership and appeal to those that write these things in the upper strata. I think when I worked at Technorati which was dedicated to blogging, we all felt the siren call of the mission. Instead for me it comes down to a few things. The love of doing it and the fun of writing these so-called thoughts down. With no end game there is no stress or desire to write XX number of words or catalog something to death or provide cool categories or a lot of pages to separate out content.

the day in Flagstaff

So that's 4 things and there could be more but today is a day I have in Flagstaff and because of my travel changes and not realizing that the amtrak station in Flagstaff would not open until this evening, I decided to find a local downtown hotel for the day that I could just park at and be sleepy in until 730pm tonight and not worry about bags and stuff. I called a local hotel and they just gave me a room for the night tonight which I don't care about.

I think in a bit I will go out and wander around for some hours and do what I always do. Take photos and sashay around in the wonderful heat and warmth of the day.I love the sun and the heat and here in the evenings the coolness. Flagstaff is up there in elevation so it gets cold at night.

The hotel I got for the day is situated downtown which from my nice Uber driver is a local place to find restaurants, bars, coffee shops and nice little streets to wander down for a few hours. Having the room means I can come back and shower later and put on clean clothes and feel good about the train ride tonight. I think I will head out when I am done being lazy. Getting old and being retired has rewards. I don't gotta do nothing that I don't wanna.

And finally

So, whew! I reached the finally part of things. Tonight I board the last train going west to Los Angeles. That will be it for me. Tomorrow is a travel day making up some stuff that changed when I decided to ride the train all the way. I have to now fly back to Austin tomorrow since that's where my flight is to Puerto Vallarta. So I fly back and stay in Austin tomorrow night and then catch the airport shuttle the hotel has back to the airport and fly out. I'm pretty excited about going. I've thought about living in Mexico for a long time and just wandering in a southerly direction. I would like these old feet to touch Belize, Costa Rica, and Panama. I'd like to not have visa bullshit stuff and as much as I love Southeast Asia, Vietnam seems to have their share of visa BS. The only country I will need anything approaching a visa in is Belize. The one thing I always do is check out visa laws because it is stupid to overstay visas or become illegal and be deported. Finding out how long I can stay this time means I can effortlessly head south from Mexico after my 6 months there and find new places to let these feet, heart, mind, soul, and iPhone 12 Pro wander.

And that is fucking good! Soon out the door of my day stay hotel to find some moments in Flagstaff to share.

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