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Balcony Life

When I lived in Hanoi, I claimed the 5th floor for my beer area. V used to laugh when she saw the pictures on FB of the Saigon Specials or Larue Beers or whatever. There I was on the fifth floor and I felt in charge and large and Hanoi was out the window. It would yell and wave and sometimes cry and laugh not only with me but at me. I could hear the sad piano refrains from the lessons as well as the Mangos being sold up and down the street. In the evenings, the Bun Cha place was closed but just down the street were all these cafes I would visit. One place in the mornings for Ca Phe Nau Da. That's Hanoi's flavor of iced coffee with condensed milk. It became habit forming and I judge all coffee by that which Hanoi served either hot or cold.

Now here in Puerto Vallarta I have a balcony. I can sit out here with relative privacy and enjoy the evening which hesitantly starts forming. The chair is inviting. Beer is chilling off. I may go get some more tacos down the street. Today I did the good walk and took some fun photos. I ate for a bit more and drank there and watched. People watched. On the balcony it is still people watching but now the cooler breezes come dancing perhaps from the mountains. Clouds form and my balcony feels like a space ship. I can fly up so high and see it all or cruise over the ocean or see the lone person walking home with beer in hand. People love their beer here. So much like Phnom Penh or Hanoi or Saigon. Beer is this glue of life here. Not only a wonderful and cheap beverage but a lubricant that forms glue for people to gather, talk, laugh, tease. In Vietnam the working person's beer was 333. Here I see a lot of big cans of Modelo and Corona walking the streets with humans attached.

Now the end of this one day. A day of slowing down. Realizing I have months to just move so slowly here in Mexico. The balcony is made for my life. Music and a balcony. Memories of so many places where I could sit out by rivers like the Tonle Sap and Mekong Rivers in Phnom Penh or the Han River in Da Nang. Rivers are not it all though. There is this moment now after cleaning up from a sweaty day walking. This momentary lapse of all. It is balcony life wherever I happen to be. For me, I simply rebooted my life and got rid of the hate and cruelty and the other person who created some of it. Then I left and like some old crazy PC it all rebooted. Now the bad days of kernel faults and anger and anxiety are left behind. All that is left is what I let in and want. I want enjoyment and fun and moments to find and moments to come.

Balcony moments.

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