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Moving Slower

It is a nice change to move slower than the Amtrak travels. To have moments to spend without a next train or airplane to catch. Puerto Vallarta and Mexico offers a respite for two months of movement east and west and even some south. My room here is open with balcony doors that swing wide and let in the sunshine and a view of the mountains. There is much to explore here but the value of exploration for me is going at it slowly. Savoring the street and the next street. Finding a place for morning coffee.

The mornings here are both noisy and calm. Voices start early and music every so often sounds. Birds beat past the balcony windows and dogs bark. Skies are blue this morning as I sit with my Cafe Con Leche and enjoy it all or nothing.

This could be the nicest airbnb I have had since leaving Vietnam because of how open and spacious it is. Basically there is room to live in this room. Room to spread out and do a little yoga in the mornings. Room to engage in nothing at all. The balcony is my window to the world of Puerto Vallarta one small glimpse and glance at a time. I can testify that sitting out with cold Corona beers works :-).

what to expect

Nothing really besides the continuation of my day to day never-ending project to capture wherever I am with my iPhone 12 Pro and then subject you all to the images. I just enjoy the social aspects of the iPhone and the ease if I do or don't want to edit photos. Basically for me, the day to day means day to day enjoyment and that's the only thing to really expect.

I wanted a place that was easy to manage with regards to Visas and entry. I wanted six months free and easy. The world is gonna spin the way it spins and do what it does. Puerto Vallarta is near enough and far enough way to do as I want. I have six months in Mexico to do nothing and show you all the photos of that effort.

I don't know what comes next. Six months is a lifetime to me. Stay here or move somewhere else. No idea. And I don't need an idea or a plan. Being retired with no portfolio and no expectations means it all comes to me as it will. Moments, memories, and experiences will always supersede time and space.

Now it is coffee in the room at no pace at all. Later it is a walk somewhere with no expectations. Well... Maybe a taco or two. Tonight it could be ice cold Corona beer again on the balcony. Because like my airbnb host said,

life here is beer, wine, and tacos

Good enough to start a day with nothing on the horizon.

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