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Morning coffee, Sunday, Balcony

I seem lucky to find the places where my life unfolds at some other pace and the needs are met. What are the needs this Sunday?

  1. Coffee. Coffee in the mornings is a requirement for me and how I have it first does not matter. It can be Cafe Con Leche or some instant black coffee I just bought. It is not the cost. It is the act of doing the coffee. Here in Puerto Vallarta it blends with the next thing.
  2. Sunday. Quieter day to sit with the coffee. Dream dreams of moments. Listen to a lull in the noise of some big city and a neighborhood that's vibrantly alive. Coffee and Sunday go together. Each balances the other.
  3. Balcony. Combine the first two things to a wonderful semi outdoor space where I have this chair to sit in and marvel at the sunshine and moments and Sunday and coffee or coffees. When you combine the first two with the last you get my moments of life spent with coffee on a Sunday morning on a balcony I admire.

There's no romanticizing it, no planning it, no idealizing it. There is it and the morning brings Apple Music to each thing. Just some playlist Apple curated that it thinks I would like. And I do. Music perhaps is the underpinning of life. Think of all the things which have music in their soul and movements. Dogs barking in a symphony of life. The birds darting and often flying so close to me today I can hear their wings. Magical and musical those wings. That fleeting cool breeze that dances down the mountains and its a mournful yet hopeful song which speaks so silently. In a whisper. You have to learn to listen to some music. It won't come out of some streaming service. Besides your life streaming service.

The coffee is cooling off, life is warming up. When I have days and months to do the things then my life sings the song. Silently but purposefully or perhaps with no purpose. It really matters not with or without meaning. Yet Apple Music plays on and the songs seem perfect or perhaps my MacBook knows what the mood is. Strike the M key for mood perhaps it says. Instead I just write on this canvas. I bring together the three elements in no certain order. Order and pattern and meaning are not so important when I have morning coffee, Sunday, and a balcony to get lost in. Lost worlds that tantalize.

A sip of coffee, a taste of Sunday, the cool breezes of Puerto Vallarta in the mornings and I'm on my way. To the moments and the ones to come.

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