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Instant Coffee Mornings

For as long as my faulty memory goes, I have enjoyed some instant coffee in the mornings. I would go out when I reached a new place and find a store or market that sold a jar or container of the stuff. While I am a coffee snob in many ways with stuff like Vietnamese coffee, I also enjoy laying in my bed in my so comfortable room in Puerto Vallarta with coffee. But I am lazy. Brewing coffee seems like work. Putting water into the microwave or the hot water kettle has been this "thing" for me. In Hanoi I would wake up, open my window again and revel in the sounds of Vietnam already awake. From my window I could almost see West Lake. Soon though the hot water kettle would announce an intention of being done and the coffee soon was done thereafter. Here in Puerto Vallarta, it is the same. Here though with the balcony I open the doors and that cool morning rainy breeze dances and voices sing and my instant coffee cools.

The instant coffee is my morning along with fresh fruit. Today it is a cloudy day and the rain falls and the mountains so nearby are so green but not far is the ocean in the opposite direction. If I were to pick a place to have any kind of coffee, I would first choose Hanoi Vietnam. There is something so social and venerable and historic about the coffee there. I've oft said that Hanoi is a social and gregarious city where all ages live for coffee shops. In the mornings though instant coffee gives me the distance learning and I can enjoy that wondrous and crazy and chaotic sound of a city waking up in unison with my instant beverage. Here the sun manages to come up later perhaps really wanting a version of mañana for itself. Birds fly so close to the balcony doors I can hear wings swoosh.

Sitting with coffee in the mornings becomes an institution. A second cup just brings it all to me. I will go out later for some food or a later coffee just to enjoy the fabric of the place, the feeling, and finding a new place that could become a regular place. That is the other thing I enjoy in a place I live. Finding that one coffee shop that brings it all. Maybe I don't go every day but the die is cast and there is the neighborhood feeling to it and the welcome. Coffee houses are social events. Instant coffee in the morning is a me event. Me and the place and the sounds and the coming together and being apart.

So now I can sit and enjoy my instant coffee times. Listen to the rain making the almost hypnotic dance on the balcony and the roof tops. It is very still out now. Birds cross over again. Silence sometimes reigns but this city, this Puerto Vallarta, is a dynamic city and more robust than the coffee I just made. Instant coffee times. Got to have them.

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