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A thousand blog posts

It sometimes seems I start these things and then they sit idle in IAwriter or I decide to delete them. A few friends read the blog now instead of relying on Facebook for news which is good. I would much prefer to just writing once here but also sharing to Mastodon than keeping up with posting on FB. I keep the account because so many Vietnamese friends use it for everything. Contact, sharing, inviting, Making sure people are okay during the lock down days.

So I start numerous blog posts and they wither away on the writing vine. Never published or finished. Sometimes I go back and delete them or combine them and since I write in IAwriter on the MacBook and my iPhone, everything syncs nicely and I can be reminded of my blogging failures or desires from anywhere.

I have probably started thousands of blog posts which like forgotten stories yield interesting tidbits sometimes when I find one I just left behind and never published. So do I retool that post or just create a new one? Does it even matter? Other times I decide to simply place the text in Day One instead to save or savor it later or ask the fundamental question,

Why the F did I post that picture or write that drivel?

I've read a lot of reasons why people blog and reasons why people stop blogging. Back in the late 1990s many of us used this wonderful piece of software called Advogato. I don't suppose many people have heard of it but in many ways perhaps it drove people to communicate, to share, to write. It was a portal perhaps of articles and journals. A lot of people in the open source and Linux communities used it and I have memories of writing there, catching up with folks, and reading the contributions. Here is the web archive of it.

Many people would leave the application and about 2004 or so Technorati came to be with the blogging management and the authority and all the other stuff. Doc Searls and so many luminaries were early adopters and I have fond memories of meeting Doc in the office. Doc has been a blogger for a long time! Lots of words came and went and I probably started hundreds of thousands of blogposts and never finished them. All those words about things which have ceased holding me.

So in the interests of publishing one blog post about all those thousands of words left as orphans, I will finish this post about what exactly?

I am unsure. Never knowing where a thing will end up is probably a criterion for me to write. This is one post which will publish. Many more will meet the delete key. Welcome to my published post for today. To my friends reading this here and there, hola! I am well. I still don't know what I'm doing or when I'm doing it. Just thought you may want to know :-).

This post lives!

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