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From here to there

I've been here a week now in busy but relaxed Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It has been a blend of tacos and beer and walking and doing yoga every day for 20 to 30 minutes which is the sweet spot for me. I also get to eat some pretty good food at reasonable rates.

Wandering around the city is so much fun. It has all of it from winding small streets to beautiful buildings. Found a few bars along the Malecon I like a lot which I have gone back to for beers.

There are some places which I feel just give so much back for walking. Some things are just exceptional views to me.

Then I find myself stopping at some bench or coffee house and enjoying the moments. One of my favorite places on the way home offers some nice tacos and cold beer. I will always order the chips and salsa because of the salsa choices and the friendliness of the people.

The movement from here to there is always a joy here. Cobblestone streets, sometimes hills, small shops to stop. I went to a really nice breakfast place yesterday on hills and go to find yet another way to see a part of the city I had not seen. Walking here to there is the best. It is definitely the cheapest way to go. The other wondrous thing is time slow down from now to then. I like time to simply disappear and the days to blend into moments. Moments I can write about here or in the Day One Diary. Some little things always bridge both gaps.

Seeing people enjoying their moments too. Finding time to take photos.

I've been fortunate to bridge the time and space gap in many wonderful places. Hanoi and Vietnam was wonderful in providing that sensory and mental bridge to lift me from a moment to a moment. Perhaps often in coffee houses or pho shops or just out going. Here it is the same. PV offers this wondrous lift for the spirit as it simultaneously slows it all down and tilts and whirs at mañana speed.

I've been here what is called a week now. Morning coffee beckons. Some fresh fruit right there. Perhaps a iced latte down the street to find even more moments announcing themselves and others slowly cartwheeling to the past.

Such is life from here to there and now to then. Neither one really means much as I sit here looking at a beautiful morning. The sun heralds the clouds with pinks and oranges. Cool breezes go playing down the street. Words fill the buffer perhaps never written and not even considered.

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