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It was walking in the rain

Some days start out really nice and then it gets nicer. It rains. I managed to get soaked but this song came to me perhaps not when walking but after by one of my favorite artists. So now I can sit here in my room and listen to one of the most beautiful voices anywhere. I found out a few things walking in the rain.

  1. It is an essential. There's a thing about walking in rain, through puddles. Perhaps a childlike innocence or the feeling that no matter covid and illness and friendships paling, rain never does those things. It is a constant and an essential. Today I got soaked and by the time I got home, I had this quintessential feeling that the rain had given and taken and I was more for the feeling of it all.
  2. Warm rain is like a shower. It rains warm here and it feels so wonderful to be soaking wet and still be blocks from the house. I felt kind of tired for some reason today. Maybe kinda out of it a bit. Until it rained. That wonderful feeling of having nothing, being blocks away, having no worries or plans or people that awaited or I waited on.
  3. Days of rain are both for solitude and intimacy. You know the feeling when you change from wet clothes into dry. It is like both a joy and relief. Today though I realized the afternoon of rain gave me both an indescribable sense of solitude and one of fullness. I don't need another person to come along to fulfill me, or argue with me, or tell me I'm wrong. Not when it rains or any other time.

Amazing that moments of something so basic can be so far reaching and seminal in life.

So I came back and I found my time in the room to dry off. Hung up wet clothes. Considered all I had learned. Felt like something amazing had passed and I had again learned something so deep and unmoving but it could just disappear and I would not be the wiser. So I wrote this blog post because its worthwhile remembering.

If you don't walk in the rain, find the sun, feel the sweat, know the cold; what will become of your dear reader? You will stay locked up in your hermetically sealed room, decry the heat and cold and rain and dark and light. The sun will never touch you and life will seem without. So go outside now. Walk in that rain. Dar Williams knows. She knows the beauty of the rain.

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