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Today off to La Isla Shopping Center

Lots of shopping to be done in PV. I want to find some more shorts to wear every day so I will go to the mall or shopping center or whatever called La Isla. It is a beautiful morning. Warm and inviting. Few puffy clouds may herald the arrival of afternoon storms but now they just hang around the mountains. The shopping center is open air and has a lot of places plus food. I found a few men's clothing stores to check out for shorts.

The shopping center is in the so-called Hotel zone which I have not been to yet. So I think soon will call an Uber and go. Lunch will probably be done there as I explore the shopping center.

I'll just leave this as a draft post and pick it up when I get there with some photos.

Poking around the Shopping Center

I went and came back from La Isla. Took the Uber there but decided to walk back. About 1.5 miles I would guess if I did not walk past the street I had intended on turning on. I guess because it was such a beautiful day, these old feet decided it would work to show me down the street in a direction I have not gone. I kinda realized what was up when I look at Apple Maps and it was showing me past this street I wanted to turn down. But you know?

It never matters. Walk too far, turn wrong. Today was simply beautiful out. Warm and sunny. I love the feeling of any sun on the body. It not only makes the physical body feel well but up in the nether reaches, it seems to let me just be. I could never sit inside all day and do this blogging thing and that's it. The world is just right outside the door even if I do turn wrong. You may think you have seen all your city has but I'll relate a little story about Hanoi.

Last year my Vietnamese friend Cat messaged me wanting to meet at Hoan Kiem Lake to walk around. I had not gone wandering around Hanoi with her for some time. We first met at the lake and then she took me to this wonderful coffee shop down some side street, behind a building, up some stairs. We went and sat and looked at the wonderful art and bicycles, parts of cars, and drank wonderful coconut coffee. I would never have found this place if not for Cat. From then I would ask when she was gonna be in Hanoi and she would take me to unusual and unique place like a book store more like a library where they told us,


Yeah. Like a library!

The books lined the walls on at least two different stories. All kinds of books but not haphazardly dumped. There was order to this chaos and employees would help customers find something. We just sat with coffee on the floor and whispered to each other. After some hours wandering around, we went out and sat at the park and talked. Cat used to do walking tours in Hanoi so her feet and heart and soul know this city.

The moral of the story is you don't know your city because every time you leave it it changes. I'm pretty sure if you just sit inside and waste away, your poor little spirit and heart and soul withers on the vine. I think human bodies need sunshine and wind and rain and the feeling of a trail or sidewalk or the beach or a lake. Or just a walk through a place you have gone a thousand times and see what else you see.

And there you have it. A story inside a story. I did go to the mall. I bought some nice shorts, had lunch at Subway and then ice cream and walked back but missed my street. I felt the most wonderful and primitive feeling. Perhaps I was a hunter gatherer. Hunting the places in my life; gathering the results of each thing. We all are unless we lock ourselves up and forget our views. Like someone said,

there is more to heaven and earth than in your philosophy

So go find it.

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