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Easy like a Sunday Morning

Sunday morning always seems like something different here. Many restaurants and cafes are closed on Sundays. Some are closed Saturdays too. The enjoyment part has to be sitting either outside on the balcony or on my bed writing here and now. It rained with some authority last night but through the night it clears up and PV greets me with a wondrous day. Now the mist hangs down over the mountains and it is almost mythical to watch birds cut through it. They suddenly just appear and then dodge down to a rooftop or street light.

I think if you come here in a hurry you will be disappointed because life here does not match the hurry. Instead things move at a different speed especially on the weekends. People are not walking to some work or play engagement on Sundays. Breakfast can come later. I can sit in my room and read or listen to music or even watch something. The morning room coffee always seems to go longer on Sundays too.

Last night it was dinner down the street at a wonderful restaurant where the enchiladas ruled. The food is just so good here. I've just walked into places and ordered stuff like at Pepe's Tacos where they make one of the most amazing Tortas with bbq pork ever. They also do fresh lemonade which is quite refreshing.

In line with it being a Sunday and being easy like a Sunday and like every day, I have no plan. I sorta kinda had a plan yesterday to go to the La Isla shopping center and I sorta kinda want to go to WalMart here at some point to check it out. Today is not that day. It is better to watch the morning mist hug the mountains, check out the nearly empty room coffee cup and plot and plan and strategize a second cup of room coffee later.

Now it appears like I would have to go back to the US early next year and get a booster Pfizer vaccine. I'd probably pick some easy place to reach. I doubt that is California. I hope to never go back to California again. So come March or so, will decide where I will spend a few days. I could almost just buy a round trip ticket from here to a place like Houston Texas which is cheaper. Does not really matter where I get the booster. All of that is too far in the future for this feeble brain to comprehend though. Flights and visits and hotels and what I would do for a few days in the US. I wish I could just go to a US consulate and get the booster.

So make it easy. Easy like Sunday morning.

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