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And then a rainbow came

Sitting on my balcony with cold corona extra beers. The rain has not started yet. The sky clouds up though in the evenings and darker clouds peddle around the mountains. Jockeying for position. So I sit and happen to look left. There is rainbow. There and gone. I could not take a photo. Gone so quick.

So I sit with the evening coming in. Dark clouds stretching the horizon. I always seem to think of my times watching the rain. I could sit in Hanoi and evening times the sky would get ominous. The sky looked so angry.

Here it happens in the evenings too. The day starts with a tiny little cloud puttering across. Soon it divides. By Taco and beer time we have threats. Like this.

But it has not started yet. My gut feel is it will soon. Humidity has gone up. I’ll drink my beer. Watch the show.

It was a great day all the way. Did not do anything. Ate chicken tacos. Now I’m home. Being it on dear rain god. I’m ready.

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