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Morning Coffee and life

I love the room coffee in the mornings. Balcony doors open. Often the kitty cat visits and demands just a bit of attention but then wants to settle down and sleep almost next to me.

The real joy when I want breakfast is going out. I really enjoy local places here that do mornings. Especially mornings late. Today it was Natural Baguets y mas. I really like this small cafe and the care and attention to their food. Huevos rancheros with coffee is about $5. I came here before for the same thing. Really nice food and coffee.I can sit after and ruminate. No cud to chew besides the current state of my moments. Having little or no responsibilities today means I could leave after coffee and choose to turn left and walk to a main road and circle around and perhaps buy some fruit. If I turn right the local neighborhood beckons. Cobblestone streets. Small businesses. Taco places. Instead I read a little news from Vietnam on one of the major English newspapers. My friend V let me know Hanoi reopens many things tomorrow and she can go out and perhaps buy moon cakes for the autumn festival. Or do coffee take away or get pho. From previous experience pho is the most important 😀. So I sit and ruminate. Vietnam and Cambodia. What will 2022 herald for them? It’s 3 months away still so crystal ball gazing is not a thing. I don’t like ruminating on what might have been or what will be. Nothing comes of it and I just spin synapses and nothing happens.

The today with coffee and wonderful breakfast. PV with the sun shining and morning calling. The release of iOS 15. A new toy factory for my iPhone toy. Sometime today. First things first.

Nothing but a cup of coffee and no cud chewing.

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