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Between joy and tears

Today I stopped for a few beers and saw a lot of beautiful Mexican women celebrating some birthday or special occasion. Laughter and dancing. Singing. Joy. One of the wonderful women said hello in English but got carried away with family. I just sat and watched. After many laughs and a few margaritas the distance between joy and tears lessened. It dawned on me there is not a substantive distance for us between the two. How far is it? Well I think laughter and tequila bridge the gap. For each of us we find the gap. How many of us have had extreme joy or celebration only to find tears? Life does not give us a do over. Situations and memories and experiences lost will not be found or expressed again. My mom used to relate our biggest sorrow is when we wished for what might have been but could not. Tears. Joy. Sadness. Our unique human experience blends them like a cosmic Michelada. Part spicy. Part sweet. Part forgetfulness inducing.

Luckily we have the other part of things. The ability to move on. Not sideways or back. But on. On to now. Like the ladies dancing and singing then crying we find a path to new moments.

Now I sit in a small cafe with a coke and an asada quesadilla. Moments stopped. Moments found. A day to spend with both. Grab into both dear readers. We need to have them. Dance your dance. Get drunk. Sing to the moon. We only dance once. Not so opposite sadness and joy. Take both. You deserve.

Like the river running. Like the picture showing not all.

Here’s mud in your eye.

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