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Going to WalMart today

I think today will venture to one of the WalMart stores here. Of course that is the idea now. Perhaps after some coffee out later that will change. I don't like writing something down like it is a plan or something. I'd rather just think on it and then at some moment decide and call an Uber and go there.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but Puerto Vallarta has some really cool street art through all the neighborhoods. I found this one outside the breakfast place I like yesterday.

A fleeting idea is some kind of project to do photos of all the street art or murals here. I don't like doing the "30 days of photos" things. It is more fun to just go and when I do find one share it. I guess I rebel against any kind of organization or plan because of over 20 years of doing organization and plans. Truth is I hated all of it. Timelines and milestones and plans and tasks. Most of all I hated Project schedules which enforced them all. So when I retired, I was passionate about never writing tasks or reminders ever again. I think that's also why I don't like things like "30 days to this" or "100 days to offload" things. There's no point in them to me. Just go and do the thing if its so damned important instead of finding tags to justify it. Or instead, just go to the beach and have a beer and forget all that crap 😀.

There's a small coffee shop I like down my street and around the corner. They serve some nice iced latte and I don't need 100 days to offload to write about it. Instead I can sit here in my room and watch birds diving to the remaining puddles and doing their peculiar yet interesting bird dances to bathe. Have you ever watched this? Birds will fight over food and water puddles it seems. So I do think of going and sitting outdoors at the coffee shop later. It is a 5 minute walk and the people are friendly and I can sit outdoors. I can sit there and watch the birds too. People will walk by and tell me "Buenos Dias" or just Hola. Life is all about hello and goodbye I think. Because that same person is only in the orbit for mere seconds. Then they are but a voice trailing down talking to their child. I understand every few words. The daughter laughs and the mom will stop and point at something in a window. Their orbit slowly fades from my constellation. It is that way with most people now. I can take or leave people. Mostly leave them. My Vietnamese friend V says to find someone as though finding someone is some magical key to happiness. It is not. I remember these two people in Hanoi arguing about to turn left or right, what to eat. I sat there and just watched. I felt very fucking grateful to not having someone in my orbit.

So if today I decide to go to WalMart it is a thing I decide and do. My orbit. My day. Perhaps a beer where the nice people are at the Day Off Bar and talk with the pretty Mexican girl there more. Perhaps, perhaps. Perhaps it all or nothing. See how my orbit swings?

See how the writing just moves to whatever it is I feel like doing. Planning a blog post is impossible. It is better to have a blank canvas and fill it how I want. The birds outside my window agree.


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