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From here to there is not so far

I was walking back to my Airbnb home and reached this place where there is a nice market during the mornings. I keep meaning to go shopping for fruit there since they offer a lot of really nice stuff. This time I stopped and decided to call my friend Paul in Hanoi on WhatsApp. I guess after all this time using so many messaging protocols I am still amazed at how Paul can sound next door to me and I can hear his boys yelling at me that I am a lady bug. I am not sure what that means but they also yell in both Vietnamese and English that they miss me and love me. Distance is never so far when I can use some app to reach out and shorten it for a brief moment. Then the Boss enters and starts telling me to come back. She asks if I am okay. If I'm happy. If life is good. Like a good Vietnamese mom she will always want to make sure I am happy and let me know no matter how far it is from here to there, the distance in a heart is not so far.

So we talked about Vietnam and social distancing and isolation and life here and there. I was about 5 minutes from home and Paul was just starting his day but it seemed the distance dissolved and we laughed and he asked about how cold the beer was, how warm the weather was, and how well my life was going.

So far. Yet not so far. Hanoi is just from here to there. A message. A boy yelling lady bug at me. A time to be spent talking and letting the voices bridge the distance. Yes.

From here to there. In a moment. Thanks! Hearing the voice is so much better than the email. I don't give a Fuck what service is being used. It is the voice that matters. The wonderful from here to there. Mexico to Vietnam. Xin Chao! Hola!

Bye Paul! I hope you are still reading my puny blog and this brings that smile to you. I'll wait and tease the Boss later.

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