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Puerto Vallarta times

I have been having a really good time here. The city has just the right mix of all things to enjoy in a chaotic beach and mountain setting. I’ve never been one to rush a thing or a place. When I visited Taiwan I read a few overrated travel blogs who talked about visiting Taipei for a week or Kuala Lumpur for a few days or Hanoi even less. This was never my mantra. I always desired the day to day feeling of a place. To walk the city and neighborhood like I wanted. The amount of time spent was never important. Another passport stamp or visa granted means even less.

I mention this because I decided to stay here in PV for another month and wanted to really stay in my current place. So we got that done and now I won’t leave until December. I don’t really know where I’ll go then but I mentioned wanting to visit Mérida and I also would like to live in La Paz. I came to the realization I only have time for one more place because of my desired pace of living. The other part is the situation with vaccine booster shots which I will need to do. From La Paz it is much closer and cheaper to reach Los Angeles or San Francisco. But after some short time I’d come back to Mexico. I will get another 180 days then to slowly go here. That is probably two places as well.

It may also be by March there are promising signs in Cambodia and I would probably go there and live. Who knows. One thing I do know is the US is no good for me. I cannot take it for too long. So one way or another way will do the booster shot in California or some other blue state and then come back. I’ve toyed with getting a temporary residence visa here which could be done instead. That gives me 4 years in total in Mexico and I can come and go as I please.

I also know if Vietnam opened again I would go back and live but not with how the visa system is there. I’d have to live in Cambodia and visit Vietnam like I did before.

Anyways I’m sure my friends R and P will be happy. They told me I would love it here and I do. Now it’s about the steps. None have to be taken and what’s the use planning for something that can’t be done yet.

Now the room coffee calls. Been patiently waiting my attentions on my balcony. This retired life is so difficult 😎.

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