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Booster Shots and No Plan Plans

It appears that a booster shot is on my horizon given the US has approved it for old people like me. I decided to extend my time in Puerto Vallarta because the day to day living here is easy. My current place is probably the nicest Airbnb yet. The room is huge and the hosts are very nice. Now I am thinking I will go back in March when my time runs out here and get said booster shot in some blue state. Red states don't do much for me. So pretty much Arizona, Texas, and Florida are out. I would not mind going back to California or Colorado for a short time.

I do know December this year I will be moving to La Paz Mexico for almost three months. I have this desire to live there awhile so will just go. Flights back to the US are pretty easy from there too.

I did a little blog housekeeping. I got rid of the Now page. I don't see what it offers since I write here every day. Anyways, right now is now and I don't care to just write more on some dedicated page about Now. When I can write Now here. Make sense? I dunno.

I also added a contact page because a few people follow the blog that may have followed me on Facebook or used Facebook messenger to contact me. Those days are done. I don't think Facebook should be destroyed but it is simply not for me so I deleted my account. I also really wanted to reach a single point of messaging and I have expat friends in a few places that only use WhatsApp so it seemed to me the best way was to just find my way to a single thing that is easy to use and now has a more decent MacBook desktop option even if it is in beta release.

So that's the update. Life for me in Mexico has slowed way down like it did for so long in Vietnam. I just can reach the zenith and apex of nothing day to day except today. Today I do laundry. Yay! I did want to mention it rained like Hell last night and we had some terrific thunder boomers and lightning. Today all is beautiful. Reminds me so much of other places I traipsed around.

Bye for now. Wear a face mask. Practice social distancing. Get vaccinated. Plan for the booster shot if you qualify. Take care of yourself. You will thank me later.

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