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Making the Steps

I like to read a few places in the mornings with coffee. This place has been a periodic place to read but this article in particular got me thinking about the failed attempt at starting a business in Vietnam. I had gone a good distance there getting a LLC, being a foreign owned business, finding certain partnerships in the tourism industry which would make a difference. The world is hungry to visit places I still feel but with the new normals erupting, I still think on my own take on tourism which I still feel pretty strongly about. I doubt that idea will come around again and perhaps I should have toughed it out and seen what would happen. I can only say it was scary then with visa extensions. I was not guaranteed a second extension in July and the business license would not be granted until September according to how the Government of Vietnam grants such things.

I also sought out a friend that is an entrepreneur and started a few open source businesses and participated in more and in fact, still does. He was very encouraging to continue but when I felt this disconnect with how visas were going and my own route to a longer relationship in Vietnam, there was not a path. Reluctantly, I stopped the process. My partners in the business were saddened. All were Vietnamese and a few newly started business owners themselves.

But the takeaway is to never say never again. There is no age too old to let the imagination run free, find the places you can make a difference, and then do it. Passion and love and desire go a long way like the article points out. Being old has no bearing on those three things.

I would go back in a hot minute and try again but just not that idea. I feel it had its time and place and both are gone. The original idea of how it would work using open source technologies and methods has not left me though. Neither have all the business and operations plans I wrote. I keep saying,

some day, some day I will do this again

And I think I will. Take care all.

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