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Saturday expat mornings

I decided to take my coffee to the balcony and dwell on the morning here while watching and listening to the city change gears perhaps hesitantly to a weekend morning. Work still happens and trucks come and go down my little street.

Every so often I read a certain expat forum. They seem to cover most of the things expats are interested in. Travel, visas, food, drink. Even relationship questions. People meet people and want to understand the how and why from others. How to deal with all aspects of a person from the country they live in. The family and friends. Marriage.

Here a lot of blogspace is given to visas and residence. Mexico gives a 6 month free entry which is very nice for many people and to renew it one does the time honored visa run. Just exit to the US or south and enter again. All good. They say the government is getting tougher on some folks but I really doubt it. One can also get temporary or permanent residence. Temporary is good up to 4 years. It’s not terribly difficult to get 4 years. Vietnam should pay some attention since they forced out a lot of older expats who only wished a way to live in the country and also contribute to the economy. That was a huge mistake but it speaks to the issues there with visas and how the country mistreated a group of retirees that have money to spend. When people did leave many sought out other countries with friendlier immigration and visa laws even during Covid times.

All of this is basic expat stuff. The w’s of how to live in an adopted or desired country when your home country gives nothing of value. My friend P and I shared coffee in California months ago and discussed the leaving. Now many places in the world create the welcome mat for us older folks. Mexico is one of them. It is easy to go here 180 days at a time. Find a life that suits you. Slow down. Spin down. Maybe find the social circle if that’s what floats your boat. There is no how to do it. No one blogpost tells what will work for a person. It is easy though to just come here. Get an Airbnb for three months. Then move to another place. Go slow or not. For me three months is the magic number this time and Puerto Vallarta is the place. It was easy to get here and easy to stay here longer. It will be just as easy to leave for a week and get a booster shot but then return. Continue working my way south. To what? I dunno. It never matters. Life is not five w’s.

It is Saturday morning on my balcony. Roosters crowing. Dogs barking. The sun splashing through the plants. Back to my coffee.

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