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Day Off Bar Talk

I like going to a few different bars where I'm warmly welcomed for an afternoon of chips and salsa and beer. The cost matters not. What does matter is the time and the little effort at asking Jasmen for a beer. She is good at second guessing and will already have a cold Corona beer in her hand. Today the dueling TVs offered a number of NFL games so I can sit and order up beers and then chips and salsa which comes out with a huge bowl of fresh salsa and a lot of chips. Then more beer and more NFL.

I notice some folks sitting next to me from the US so we talk about life. They are from San Diego on vacation. Interested in returning to Vietnam when things are different they want to know about living there. Since they are only here for a limited time, they're interested in the day to day here as well. So we talk. Vietnam is so different that they're immediately interested in the differences. How did I,

Always a lot of questions about a life that may seem exotic to those never retiring to foreign shores or wandering the places in Asia. Perhaps my life then seems unique or almost unbelievable. I described just moving slowly from country to country as I wanted. Vietnam to Laos to Malaysia to Cambodia to Thailand with a dash of Singapore. Then sometimes settling in some place for awhile like Taiwan or a quick visa run to Hong Kong. The life in Southeast Asia is always interesting to people. It seems sometimes shrouded in mystery or not definable. But it is really not. In fact, life in all the places whether here in PV or Vietnam or wherever, have things in common which I have decided make them for me...

  1. Random and chaotic. I need places that are both. I want places where life is not finished creating itself yet. Full of energy and bustle and joy and perhaps sadness which I think is so linked to joy that they come from the same flower.
  2. Food. Food is good and a variety of local and international food makes life seems more lively. I love to eat so tacos at the local stand or the wonderful breakfasts I find are all ingredients to my life and enjoyment.
  3. Beer. Places I go must have people that enjoy beer. Cambodia and tuk tuk drivers inviting me to drink with them even though we share no common language besides a joy of life and laughter and so I did and one young Khmer guy going back to Circle K and getting more beer and me contributing. In Vietnam, the saga of the 333 beer and people that would always smile and give me their Xin Chao and offer a beer up. Here its the cheap Modelo and Corona beer and the people obviously enjoying it all. The exuberance of life which seems to be brought on with drinking and eating.
  4. Enjoyment. Life should roll on its own with enjoyment forever coloring my moments. I spent my time dong all the things which were not. Now I want life to just give me the moments back. Pay me back with all life has to offer.
  5. Wandering; not arriving. It is worth noting that simply arriving at some destination is nothing. Customs and hotels, figuring out SIM cards, currency. The real joy forever is not in the arriving. It is the inestimable value of going. Like my friend P held the sign West up on his journey; pointing toward a direction with no idea how to get there besides perhaps like Bill Murray said to take baby steps. Baby steps are steps. Having no plan is a plan. Deleting reminders and todo items and schedules and lists gives you back what they all suck away. I embarked on the wandering to drink and eat and live and do all the things above.

Life ain't some bridge to cross or some time to come or some bullets to cross off folks. Life is. Just. Being. You can install all the reminder apps you want and check things off your master fucking list but just remember none of it matters. Really matters. In the end you are where you are. No farther ahead or behind.

So have a beer. Go to your Day Off Bar. Meet some people. Drink. Worry about it all mañana. Just like the taco shop owner told me today. Sorry amigo. Come back mañana.

Truth is there is there is no mañana and everyone knows it. It is just an excuse for our time bothered lives full of pomp and circumstance. Instead we have all of now and moments all lock in and leave. Fuck the time estimates and second brains. You got a brain.

Now go destroy some brain cells in the sake of enjoyment. You deserve.

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