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Wishes and Regards - Xin Chao Vietnam

It is always fun texting and responding to my friends in Vietnam. My friend L will write me and try to judge what time it is here. She’s pretty good at it. I will wake up often to see a WhatsApp message waiting for me telling me Good Morning and wishing me the best of the day. Thank you L! I think about all of you quite often and miss my friends P and his wife D there. She of the wondrous cooking before I left. L did a super cool birthday party for me at a BBQ joint in Can Tho town where we ate and drank the night away. I always loved visiting Can Tho to just walk the small side streets, find a coffee house, and then have dinners and beers with my friends there. L also surprised me with a visit to Hanoi once and did not tell me until we met at a coffee shop for breakfast and then we just had to eat some Bun Cha since it is hard to find some of the food like Pho and Bun Cha in southern Vietnam.

Best wishes to you all that maybe read the blog and others I get to say hello to on WhatsApp. Xin Chao all. I miss you Vietnam. You are so crazy and cool and random and fun. Life is good here though too. Thanks for always asking about me.

Love, Mike.

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