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Moving along in December

I had cast about for a place to go explore at my usual slow pace which is now three months or so in each place. Seems to work. I had looked at La Paz and Merida and today happened across this wonderful colonial home with rooms to rent on Airbnb in Merida. Often a thing just grabs me about the place and I just do it. I guess I go with the initial impression and it has done me well from Phnom Penh to Daly City. This has this wonderful colonial vibe with large and spacious bedrooms, nice shared spaces, and easy access to coffee shops and restaurants and the required Oxxo convenience stores to stock up on whatever it is I need to stock up on (beer).

So I grabbed the place this morning and I will be moving along on December 10th to Merida. InternationalLiving's website has very nice things to say about the city but most of all it also was just a feeling I had to go there.

I've never rented full apartments except in Seattle and Cambodia a few times and always go for the shared homes with a room I can call my own. I've found a room to more than fulfill the need for privacy, access to the house's common areas like kitchen and bathrooms, laundry facilities, etc. For an old retired guy that just wants to live easily a room has always been the best bet. I started doing the shared housing thing when I moved out after I got divorced. From then on, had really nothing furniture wise and when I left the US, the few little things were donated. There's also an ease to things with a room that is furnished and ready to go when I get there. Here in PV, my room is so spacious and clean all the time and I get access to laundry and get wifi, the kitchen, and the hosts forever ask me how everything is. Then there's the balcony!

The new place in Merida also has a balcony of sorts although it is called a porch and is in the center of the colonial house. I could not ask for more for less cost. The only thing remaining is to book my one way flight there which will cost about $100. That pretty much gives me everything I need for 6 months here.

Done here, then there

Once I'm done here, there is there. I think a quick trip back to the US is in my future to get the booster shot and then I think will come back and continue exploring Mexico. I just don't know where although La Paz looks very nice. Maybe brush up on my Spanish a bit. I know a lot of words but doing sentences is tough for me.

Now I need to decide on some food or something. I think something sounds better. Gonna visit the little coffee shop close to my place.

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