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Reading the News

It seems I have crossed to many places to read the news. I've tried numerous RSS readers, tried Apple News, Google News, Flipboard and on. For RSS, tried Reeder, Netnewswire, News Explorer, Feedly. None of them approach what is consistent to me. Each one only offers the same functionality. Lines and lines of articles. Reader mode is a really a joke. Just more lines and lines. Sometimes an image however RSS gets the image. It all somehow reminds me of Microsoft Excel and others remind me of Microsoft Powerpoint. I swore off both those long time ago.

What I've realized though is that the fault is not with the apps. The fault is with me. I just don't care anymore about the News. I thought about having a News tab group on Safari and just having a few news websites there to read. Then there is then same problem. What to read? Which sources do I trust? None of them. I dislike them all for various reasons. Left leaning and right leaning and centrist leaning. They all suffer the same issues for me. I just don't give a F. Associated Press and Aljajeera are probably closest to things I would read. Why even both with an app or apps? I can just open the two sites on my iPhone and MacBook.

The other thing that has come to me is I dislike reading the news. Political news, technology news, social news, all news sucks the big one to me.

So what I've decided is to stop all subscriptions and uninstall all news reading apps. I mean what the F will I miss? Biden says. Trump says. Congress does not. Nothing ever happens either in the apps or with the news itself. Everything just happens as it is going to happen.

So long news. You were never a friend of mine. RSS, apps, websites. I hated you all. Sayonara. Adios. I'm so done with you.

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