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Sunshine Mornings in Puerto Vallarta

After a night of really good sleep, I find a message from V on WhatsApp! cảm ơn V! Missing you and I am so glad Hanoi is opening up and you can get out and have a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake and perhaps get a coffee to go with you :-).

Just as a note if you happen to somehow end up here. There is no more Facebook or Messenger for me. I gave up on that endeavor and deleted my account. I could list dozens of reasons but the main thing was it was time to go. I feel the blog represents the best social sharing mechanism which lets me share my stories and photos. You don't need some account or access or be on some list of friends to see things here. I can also write quite freely here about how and what I feel and not have targeted ads bombarding me with things I ain't interested in.

Now it is a sunshine morning! My friend Mikka is back publishing on his blog. All is write and right with the world as we know it. And the sun shines even if rain comes later. Yesterday got soaking wet after my afternoon meal. The weather here is splendid to me. Warm days to be out walking and sweating and doing and then afternoons and evenings with magnificent thunder and lightning storms and then mornings like this. Balcony doors open, music in the background, life up front. Some coffee waiting.

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