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Sometimes a song

I often sit in my room in the mornings listening to my playlist with songs I care about for some reason. Some take me back, others will transport me. Other songs I listen to on Youtube sometimes like this one about Vietnam. I admit to listening to this song often and it will both take me back and transport me. I used to hear this song when I flew around in Vietnam at the airports. One budget airline would play the song when we landed and I always felt uplifted yet sad because of her story in the song. Then I left Vietnam. I ended up commenting on the video because the song touches so many places in my heart.

There are other songs too. My ex-wife used to like Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. I purposefully did not link the song because I really don't need to be reminded but when I do listen to that song it reminds me of her. Other songs will trigger other memories. I created the playlist for no specific reason other than to be close to this playlist I used to listen to on other streaming services before when I walked. There seemed to be this group of songs that would evoke the memory, the place, the times so often when I would walk after work they would give back.

So I recreated the playlist on Apple Music. I don't need some fantastic service to listen to music really. I just need something that works and gives me pleasure, sadness, memories, or joy.

In the mornings now in Puerto Vallarta I will listen to the playlist or Apple Music also has some nice curated lists focusing on different songwriters and singers I like. I have always been partial to Jackson Browne. It is amazing he wrote this song when he was 16 year old. It touches many right spots in my soul and his soulful sweet voice always reaches way inside.

On another front, I really like Foo Fighters a lot and for my last song I will give you another take on days here.

So sometimes a song is powerful and sometimes evocative and sometimes I escape to its core and other times, I just click shuffle. Shuffle is the great equalizer because I really don't know what will come next. I have a few hundred songs in my playlist. So sometimes a song will come up and I laugh, cry, find solace. Because life is about moments and we cherish, damn, hate or view them through a lens that maybe colors them. It is all okay. Sometimes a song will just do it all or nothing.

Yep. Sometimes a song.

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