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Finding old posts

Back in 2019 I left Wordpress for I don’t remember why. I stayed at for a few years. Then in 2021 I bumbled around a bit with writing. Here and there. I tried blot which I really love as a service. There is simply nothing to it. Any markdown editor works. But I left there too. Then I cam back to before leaving Vietnam.

David Merfield at blot got all my posts into an archive file then so I would not lose them. I believed I had lost that file. But last night I just did a simple search on gmail and there it was. 20mb of stuff. All in a format blot could use.

Wonderful and I have the archive on my MacBook! When I peruse the posts it is like a view into some years spent wandering. So many places those years cover. What I really want is to never use two blogs or platforms any longer. I tried having a so called long form blog and a micro blog and it doesn’t work. For one there was no real difference posting to either or both. Just like having two blogs for me. No one really cares if I write some BS in one and then other BS in another. The main thing I think is to write. Writing regularly for me is the medicine to my old soul. But I can’t just separate out my soul into pieces and say,

This goes here and that goes there

So now I have been on since June or so. It has been good having a single place to write my blather. Finding the old posts again was like a walk down some lane. Where before I looked back from whence I came and the view was shrouded. I don’t spend time looking back a lot but I have to admit that those posts mean something. To me.

I hope to get the file imported to if support lets me know it’s doable. I thought of creating a blot blog but then I go back to my problem of two blogs. I simply cannot do two. One of them would have to go. It would be difficult to leave here. So in the end I will just wait and see and not create yet another blog. That exercise is futile for me.

I sure am glad to have those three years of posts back though.

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