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My Blot blog

It’s Sunday morning here in PV. Beautiful clear morning. Birds flying and I find myself on my balcony. With coffee. Sunday mornings are quieter here. I wanted to mention that I decided to resurrect the blot blog I had. If you’re interested it is here. I dunno know what I shall write there but I love the simplicity of it all. Sometimes I feel I have the energy and desire to write in two places and other times I don't. There's a draw for me with blot to publish by simply copying a markdown file to a dropbox folder and that's it. The ease of no client, no UI, no futzing with different uploader for images appeals to my laziness.

The other thing is I have three years of posts there which I have tried to import to but for whatever reason it just fails silently using the approach on the import pages on my MacBook. I don't know why. There is no error. These posts cover a period from 2019 to 2021 which I was so happy to find again. I had written for years on before I got frustrated with how the different modes for writing never integrated. One could not then include a photo on a post without going elsewhere on the web and copying some stuff. I imagine it has changed now but it really does not matter. David Merfield at Blot created the import to blot for me over a few days and voila! All those posts and photos were mine again. I will never believe the mantra that it is my data from any service if we still have not solved getting stuff from one web service to another.

Anyways, blot lives and it makes me happy to write there. Words are words but it matters sometimes how easy or hard it is to actually publish them. At this point, the blot blog is me tramping around with those words. I don't have goals with writing blogs anywhere. I perhaps used to way back when. More followers, readers, commenters. Now the blog(s) satisfy a core urge of mine. To just write. Create. Do. Whether you decide to read this or that is up to you. Subscribe via RSS or whatever. I don't much care.

So the blot blog lives and I feel good about that. Will I ever get the three years of posts into I don't know. It seems like it should just work but of course it does not just work. Nothing ever just fucking works. Especially me :-).

See ya.

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