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There is round and round

Sometimes I sit and watch round and round and how geometry ties so closely with life. Pictures of windows and doors. Times I walked in a almost circle. The real challenge since retiring was to break the circle. The round trip airfare. The movement to return whence I started. Finding no ties to bind so if I chose a circle to walk it was my choice. In Tokyo the metropolitan subway runs in almost a circle.

When I was there I could ride the subway and never really feel it was a circle. In some cities there is the roundabout. One day walking in Kampot Cambodia I found a few. Like this one.

So I never walked completely around that circle. Never completed to end up where I started. I asked myself,

Whet is the point?

And I never knew because circles have no points. And neither does this blog post really. It just marks my trajectory along a path not marked and forever never completing.

And it’s fucking grand.

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