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Thrift Shop Days

I had decided to find a few more pair of shorts. I can find really nice ones but they don't fit this body. Had the same problem in Vietnam. Large here and there is not large. T shirts run into the same problem. Some will tell me to go a nicer store in a mall and I can find the shorts for about 600 pesos. That's $30! Well, I said the hell with that. So my next stop was finding a thrift shop. I had stopped in a few here and there but as it so often turns out, the one closest to my airbnb home had the best selection for big hombres. The lady there was too kind and showed me a variety of shorts all priced about 1/4 of what they want at the upscale western oriented shops. So today I bought two new/old pair of shorts. No designs. No wonderful colors. Just the basic khaki and a dark blue to black that fit so nice and comfy. I did this this in Hanoi too and found a wonderful jacket and sweater and also met the owner. We ended up sitting out front and talking about the neighborhood. I mentioned how much I liked Tom Coffee which was next door but closed. She went often for coffee in the mornings. No idea what happened or why it stayed closed after one social distancing campaign. This was the cafe that had the wonderful pancakes and bacon that I would sit at and read. Their little boy would shyly walk over and say hello in English and sit by me quietly.

Thrift shops are cultural and social extensions to neighborhoods I think. People visit, find new/old clothes, trade in some stuff. In both neighborhoods the owners were kind and patient and showed me the things I wanted. I felt like this engagement and extension was a service that made the neighborhood and kids and parents more able to adopt to just how fast kids grow. How something old for one is new to another.

Give it some thought when you go looking. I've been in places where I could not just find clothing that fit but with a little searching I would find a thrift shop that had aisles and racks of stuff. Today in Puerto Vallarta I found what I desired and in Hanoi I was cold and found this jacket which I simply loved to wear when it got cold. Just so you know, Hanoi has 4 seasons and by about November or so or perhaps even earlier the days start getting colder. Vietnamese people bundle up like it is the arctic. P and I would still wear shorts but with hoodies. Expats are strange people, the boss would say and laugh.

It all started with finding the thrift shop that worked for me and I left happy with some new/old clothing. Now I know what they have there too just blocks from my place. Too cool.

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