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No news is good news

So first I tried Reeder. Then Netnewswire and then News Explorer. Then Flipboard. You wanna know the problem with them all?

the news

Yeah. It’s not the apps. It’s the fucking news. No app can change the news. They just polish it and move it and highlight it and list it. But like that old saying,

Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

The news just makes me not want to read the news so an app which delivers the news will suck. RSS or whatever. The news makes them all suck.

So the best course is to delete all news apps. Because all they do is build up the dislike and disaffection that makes the news the news.

If not I add widgets that make it all prominent. They force it all to the surface. What to do to stay informed. I know.

Not a fucking thing

Of course all this is dark humor and tongue in cheek and sarcasm.

Or is it? Do we really need some app or apps or feed that multiplies the BS and gives us widgets and themes and searching and filters? No. The news happens no matter what you or I do. So let’s do this. Let us just let the news happen with no themes and widgets and unhappiness and stress. Let’s all be free. Let the news happen with no fancy apps. If you must read why not just read a website with news. You can leave easy. The news then is just another tab on your browser. You might as well delete your task lists and second brains and digital gardens. Find the thing that makes you smile. Laugh. Drink a beer.

Fuck the news and all apps that present it, aggregate it, sum it up. Go sit on the balcony and listen to the kids playing. That’s more worthwhile and significant anyways.

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