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Vietnam calling

I gave up Facebook some time ago. Many of my cherished friends in Vietnam are heavy users. Not having some of the people there to chat with has been painful. So I embarked on getting some to WhatsApp. I chose WhatsApp because many of my expat friends only use it and it is widely used in Vietnam. Slowly but surely my wonderful friend L is helping me find those people across Vietnam and give them my account info.

I really want people to use the blog to find me, see where I am, and a lot of the social sharing. Most do not use mastodon so I gave up trying to show them how what I post on the blog ends up there. It has become for me the blog and WhatsApp and email. I realized though I liked chatting socially and I’ve really been enjoying and how this happens organically there.

It does not fix the desire to have my Vietnamese friends on WhatsApp though. I don’t know I will ever reach some of them again. L does not know some. I guess I could have left Facebook better or with more of a farewell post. In the end though I did how I did it and no looking back. I’ll not use that network again. So I’m gently asking L to help find my friends there. She has called some, messaged some.

My friends in the US that use Facebook are a curious blend of old time open source friends from the days doing Linux and a smaller group from places I’ve worked. I feel we mutually separated some years ago and I have no desire to have them on some virtual Rolodex.

But when Vietnam calls it reminds me just how much I miss my home. My people. My L almost crying when we talk sometime. Those pains hurt and Facebook would never make it less. So I gently tell those I talk with that I have always been what my Vietnamese friend Cat called me.

A bee tasting the pollen of many different countries

And it’s how I am now. I can miss a thing and want it but I also want more vagabonding and going day to day. My mantra dear Vietnamese friends. I must go. Even when I return to Vietnam it will not be going back. I can’t go back. Sideways or forward with baby steps works. Staying still works. Month by month in my places now like Puerto Vallarta. Another place and people I truly love.

Who knows of tomorrow. I don’t believe it exists. We are better served by just being now. So now Vietnam calls and I answer. Lovely people there. Miss you all.

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