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Beautiful Morning

The weather here has been changing ever so slightly. When I first arrived in Puerto Vallarta we would routinely see rain and thunderstorms each day mostly afternoons or evenings. Now days are warming up slightly but the rain is basically gone. High season here starts soon and people tell me restaurants will get busier.

I could not ask for a more beautiful morning no matter what to sit on the balcony with coffee and MacBook considering the birds, the blue skies, and a Friday. Earlier I got a call from my friend Paul and boss in Hanoi. So nice to hear their voices. The new WhatsApp beta on the Mac is pretty nice for regular use I think. The quality of the call was just about perfect but the biggest thing was the happiness at hearing their voices telling me their little things in life. Their new house, rain showers in Hanoi, food. The boss is a wonderful chef and will cook just about any food and runs a cooking school and food tour for anyone that wishes to join. The other thing is she loves to cook and I was invited many times for lunch or dinner and then just visiting with them and the boys and drinking some bia.

So all this came together and then I went out on the balcony and the sky is an astounding blue this morning. Cool breezes, a little paradise , time to enjoy.

And music. How about some Crystal Blue Persuasion. Do you remember that one? I think possibly one of the prettiest songs ever.

Good morning.

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