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My joy in life

I’ve felt the momentary despair and unhappiness. The other moments of joy and wanderlust. Found that this simple life yields the most being. No complex recipes to this stew. No ideals or labels. Just enough pesos in my pocket to find my moments. Friends both close and at arms reach. Moments left undefined. I don’t claim any labels. Instead I have found two things that bring joy. Neither are beer or tacos although they come close 😂.

No. The things are,

  1. Not having. I don’t need things like houses or cars or motorbikes or debt. I don’t want more than what I feel I need at some moment.
  2. Just being. The second rule is to just be. Find moments and memories and experiences instead of having.

I think these two things have meant more than all the labels we want to apply. It’s easy to bandy about wonderful labels in life. Do this. Be that. Observe something else. The real truth though belongs to the things above. We think by applying labels we become them. Edward Abbey was fond of saying he had never found underlying reality. If you want to read the capstone and the desert pavement read his Desert Solitaire. Perhaps you will find and lose. Or find the little works of one Everett Ruess.

Both offer an unmitigated view of being. Not having. Perhaps a final view is more popular and became a movie. Read and watch Into the Wild. Perhaps the only movie my ex-wife cried over when done.

Then maybe your labels will fall away and you will find the frail human underneath it all. So instead of saying I am or I believe; just be. Others will wonder but you will know.

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