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Almost halfway here

I left for puerto Vallarta on 10 September. Initially I planned on two months here with no idea of the next thing. I decided a few weeks ago to extend my stay to three months. The times here have been a delightful mix of daily walking, doing my own yoga and meditation thing, food, beer and a wonderful room to call home.

I wanted something different from December to March so Merida became interesting. Not only because it is a colonial city or because famed archeological sites are close. It is more of a different daily vibe of life than a beach city. I also found accommodation which is a room for an amazing price there with the conveniences and comforts I am spoiled with.

I guess always out there somewhere is returning to Asia. I still feel Vietnam is my home place but I also know I won’t be going back. Not for some period of time that remains elusive.

With 2021 closing down I decided i needed a vague idea of 2022 so I looked at a map.

Yep. That’s a map! One thing I notice right away is it is easy to reach Belize from Merida Mexico. The second thing is going to Costa Rica then is easy. Finally it is an easy jaunt to Panama from Costa Rica.

The other thing are visas. Some places like Belize have shorter stays and others like Costa Rica give 3 months. Panama happens to give 6 months. Entries are almost always free. Some places require proof of onward travel. Others don’t care but want a Airbnb or hotel. Visas and exemptions are always the big thing and it pays to understand what each place allows to remain legal. It’s not real smart to defy visa laws and think one can overstay illegally. In the end, and there is always an end, things you don’t want can happen. In Vietnam you get blacklisted to never return. Other places have other responses from fines to an escort to deportation. Not worth it.

So both things kinda combined to my desire to just move slowly after a quick return to the US for a booster shot in early 2022. I want a city which has an international flavor of life, an airport or train system, built for being an old retired guy. Food is also good 😀. I want to be able to walk a walk and drink a beer and take a photo or two with the iPhone. Maybe write a word or two here. I often do something not even close to a plan. Call it an idea. Ideas are good because they don't have commitments along with them. So here is an idea.

Somehow I think 2022 would be taken up with those things. I don't see a path or a way to go back to Asia in 2022 now. I'm having fun in Mexico. I could just get a temporary residence card for Mexico when I go back. Not very difficult or time consuming to get one. It gives me a year at first and I can extend it. So a lot of ideas but no plans as I edge closer to my halfway mark in beautiful Vallarta.

The sun shines this morning. Perhaps I will go do something or not. I am lazy. I could get some more coffee and put off deciding everything until around January of 2022. Gee. That sounds pretty good.

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