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Taco Mornings

This morning I decided to be lazy as though I need to make any decision to do that. I sat around until I got hungry and then obeyed the desire. The desire said,

tacos. You must have tacos

Who am I to argue. Down the street and a left turn there is a street taco stand run by two very nice ladies. I get in line. People smile at me and say hola and buenos tardes. The lady cooking makes the tortillas fresh and makes sure I want the spicy sauce and asada. I always get three of them to go. In five minutes or so my taco needs are met so I walk to Oxxo to get a Pepsi and I want a Snickers candy bar. I haul my goodies back home and sit at the dining room table and relax over the wonderful and basic food I can find so cheap here.

I then decided I wanted to write and publish on Ulysses so I got the app from the Mac and the iOS app stores. Checked my subscription. Still mighty good! But Ulysses looked unhappy without text on its canvas so I must write.

I puzzle over it. What should I write? I never really know and often times what I start out with evolves or devolves into a rant or rave or something else. Probably why when I could add my tagline to the blog with the new Tufte theme I went with the one I used for a long ass time. Welcome to

News Views and Subterfuge

By the way it means just what it sounds like and it always has. I tend to write my soul and heart and feelings out. Some good, often bad. I hardly ever delete a blogpost since when I do I fail to keep the record intact. Whether what I say trends up or down or stays the same they are my words. Just because I may write positive or negative or drunk or sober; they are all my words. Even if the beer is doing some talking. For some reason it reminds of this saying my mom told me once from Japan about drinking,

first the person takes a beer, then the beer takes a beer, then the beer takes the person

Oh yeah. I’m guilty on this taco morning writing to fill up this canvas. See?

I did not really start to write this crap. It just kinda comes along. I finished my tacos and ate my snickers candy bar. Ulysses is happy too.

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