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This is my Friday post

Sorry but today is Friday so I decided to have a Friday post. Today I actually have a chore to do. I must do laundry. The house has a free washer and dryer to use. All I must provide is soap. It takes a few hours to get the chore done. I could go down the street to a laundry service and turn in my stuff and get it back later but why? Other places I would do this like in Cambodia. I remember one place in Siem Reap there was a coffee shop next door to the laundry service. I would first stop with laundry and then an iced latte. Free wifi meant I could sit awhile at a table outdoors with an umbrella on it and watch the Khmer people do their things. I lived in a non touristy and non expat area so did not see any of those types of folks.

Here in PV, it is easy to find the laundry services. They all have pictures of washers and the word lavandería is close to English.

I think once I can get the laundry going, I will skip out for breakfast to El Patio and have some eggs and potatoes and coffee. The food is plentiful there and cheap and the people are very nice.

I also had to get a new debit card shipped to me because the one had been compromised and had declined charges almost posted on it but Schwab, ever vigilant, caught them first and did not let them pass. I would love some way to redo the card remotely that would let me use the original card by doing some kind of some thing to it. I shipped the card to my mailing service in Houston and then they mailed to me. You may ask why not ship directly from Schwab HQ? Well, they use USPS. The last time I did this, the card never did arrive in Bangkok Thailand. Basically the rule is do not ship using USPS out of the US or risk losing stuff. This time I shipped via DHL which promises me the delivery on Monday and I can track things. I've used DHL for asia shipping for years and I've never been disappointed. FedEX on the other hand. Well... They suck. Delivery exceptions in Vietnam a few times and I had to have my landlady call their office and argue with them.

So what else on a Friday to occupy the fertile mind of a lazy retiree? Well, I have thought a bit about leaving PV in December. I booked my airbnb and flight already so I'm going to Merida for 3 months. The airbnb was so reasonable I just jumped at it. Since I only get rooms wherever I go, the cost is pretty easy to take. If I want to stay longer the hosts will accommodate. I also ruminated on March 2022 but it is too far away so I gave up.

Then there is Cambodia. It appears now Cambodia has allowed people to get electronic tourist visas as long as the rules are followed for quarantine, vaccination, testing and staying in a hotel they approve and also getting the Forte covid-19 health coverage for the stay. This does not really address what I would want there. I have no real desire to go back either. I feel pretty happy on how things are and I cannot look too far forward or I get lost in possibilities.

So lost in Friday! But I was found with scrambled eggs with chorizo, potatoes and coffee. Now I sit with the coffee on the patio. At El Patio. All things seem right. Or left. Or up. Or down. It’s a cool morning and the fans overheard whisper some words. I think they’re saying,

Oky doky

Over and over again. One fan says oky and the other says doky.

I hope you are oky and doky too. Over and out.

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