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Sunday morning sides and asides

After a nice night meeting Louis and his family at Burrito Beach and having a few beers with them, came back and talked and drank a bit with my Airbnb host and housemate. Nice way to spend a Saturday evening. Our neighborhood had a few parties and music going until about midnight.

Now it is Sunday morning and along with that comes some room coffee. I chat with my friend P in Hanoi quite often or like yesterday he calls me on WhatsApp and shows me where he is walking in Hanoi. Last night (for me) was him walking at West Lake. One of my most favorite places to eat, drink, walk. The lake is huge and I never did walk all the way around it.

Now though Sunday morning here. Decided to relocate for breakfast to Menos Place. Delightful weekend place to have that waffle that starts forming in my mind all week. I can cash in here and have a moment to talk with the owner. She tells me they have that old classic round waffle iron. Just like my mom did! Now it’s a second coffee.

there’s times

There’s times perhaps when it’s nice to be with others but I don’t think they are many. Most things or almost all things I just prefer being by myself. I hear arguments and irritation and stifled comments and when I think back to the times spent with a wife. My gosh was I really that miserable for so long? I guess it was hidden in veneer of love and children and to keep going on. Of course I acknowledge I am no gift. I’m egotistical and critical and narcissistic and those are my A sides. The B sides can be dark and boozed up and opinionated on most things.

Some say they like me anyways. How in the hell is that even possible? Don’t know.

back to a Sunday

Now I finish my coffee. Feel the cool breeze. Halt a moment. Walking back home is 10 minutes. Posting the blog post takes seconds. Moments last forever or they are done with a snap of the fingers. Your choice.

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